In our news feed we have included links to a selection of actual news stories from around the world. This is not intended as scare-mongering, but to highlight that wheel loss does occur on heavy vehicles and is not only costly, but also extremely dangerous.

Further Improved Rollock Fitting Tool

Rollock lug nut locking clamp fitting tool

In 2011 we introduced a new improved Rollock fitting tool - stronger, lighter, more precise and easier to use.

We have listened to customer feedback, and over the course on 2012 have continued to refine the tool further.

Rollock wheel nut locking clamp fitting toolThe new version incorporates a total of 6 additional engineering changes to make fitting even easier and more foolproof.

Rollock Lug Nut Locking Clamps - the simple and effective way to prevent wheel loss!

Published: Monday 03 September 2012